is to increase capacities of individuals, households, communities and groups affected by HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Effects of Global Climate Change to effectively cope with the challenges thereto through programs and activities that improve the quality of life and Environment.

Small Scale farming

Improve household food security and poverty reduction through promotion of small –scale farming, community livelihood and Asset building as well as capacity building for sustainable Agricultural development and climate change adaptation.

Quality Education for OVC's

OVC learning under trees in make shift classes in Asumbi, Homabay county for lack of adequate Classrooms following the declaration of the universal free primary Education in Kenya in 2003. FReJAF now seeks to mobilize resources in partnerships with devolved funds mechanisms in Kenya to accelerate the realization of the Right of the Child to quality Education.

Sponsorship Fund for OVC's

Establish or assist in the establishment of orphaned and vulnerable children's education and sponsorship fund; Centers of Academic Excellence for OVCs and Create community based Support Networks.

Sponsorship Fund for OVC's

Upon the death of most parents/guardians, children lose their family property and the right of ownership to those they call care givers. Some end up in child labor and or child prostitution, while majority become street children. FREJAF works with children legal protection network and support mechanisms to protect the rights and welfare of the child. We promote community awareness of these rights as enshrined in our Kenya’s constitution as well as international instruments on the right of the child.

Kitchen Gardening Nutrition

We assist people living with HIV/AIDS to engage in kitchen gardening and optimize small scale land use for their improved access to balanced diet and sustainable nutritional value chain. FREJAF trains women on quality farming methods as well as food crop preservation for future use e.g. vegetable and fruit drying.

World's AIDS Day

FREJAF advocates and lobby for equitable allocation of HIV/AIDS resources to the most deserving persons affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS. We also promote public awareness campaigns towards: HIV Prevention, stigma reduction, and improved access and uptake of HIV/AIDS services and products.

Children Health and Hygiene

Children health and hygiene is paramount for the well being of the child. This is not possible in most rural and urban informal settlements, learning institutions and even public places due to lack of clean and safe drinking water. FREJAF works with local schools, community members and development Partners to promote rain water harvesting and storage as well as to facilitate hygiene awareness for improved health standards among the children. Hand washing is one of our major areas of focus.

Small and Micro-Enterprise Development

We partner with local Ministries of Youth Affairs and Gender, Local Government Authorities and other development partners to promote Women and Youth participation in Green Market Revolution and "Jua Kali" based Cottage Industries as a rapid result initiative for alleviating household poverty and improving individuals and community livelihoods.

Global Climate Change

Climate change portends a threat to all human kind. FREJAF works closely with various stakeholders to ameliorate both micro and macro impacts of global climate change through: promotion of agro-ecological based agriculture, farm forestry, promotion of drought resistant crops amongst small-holder farmers, engaging farmers and rural household in sustainable land use and waste management practices that promote quality environment for reduced effluent emission to the atmosphere.

Muungano Women Group

Members of Muungano Women group being trained on self help groups development and self efficacy skills for sustainable social-economic and micro enterprise development. FREJAF endeavors to build capacities of Women Groups for the effective social-economic development. Currently, FREJAF works with a total of 137 Women Groups in Homa Bay and Migori Counties in Kenya.

OVC Support and Care

We provide holistic care and support for improved quality of life leading to less interrupted child growth and development. FREJAF implements community-and school-based HIV/AIDS behivour change communication programs that intends to improve students' HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and practices while assisting to equip the schools with capacity to provide HIV/AIDS-related knowledge, information and support systems for the students.We build capacities of communities and house-holds to promote healthy living through improved instruction, training and capacity building.

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